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We like our logo -  you could say we even have a crush on it! So, here you'll find some cool swag in the event you like it too. Quality merch and some music downloads too.

Some housekeeping ...
the store is new and I'm new to the store so I'm covering tax for Ontario residents for the moment while we shake things down. Shipping is calculated at the pay stage. And I'll communicate for sure if there is any wierdness. Soon come ... prices will reflect an "Ontario Tax included" price. If you are not an Ontario resident, then you'll get a break. I order up product as needed so there would be a time lag of approx two weeks before shipping. Worth the "weight" though.

Digital albums

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Sheryl's Pick
  • Sheryl's Pick
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Not a pic as in picture but a guitar pick or plectrum as the experts call it. Double sided with the Crush logo in black on a white pick. Medium Gage for all the axe playing dudes and dudettes. Order several for the mic stand!

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